Outdoor Water Features - Corner Rock Water Feature
Corner Rock Water Feature

    Corner Rock Water Feature

    Corner Rock Water Feature
    This specific backyard fountain is wonderful for an office patio. Designed carefully, backyard water wall was manufactured to work well through many seasons. Set-up is a cake walk; you will have it up and running in no time. It is important to note that, this outdoor waterfall uses a 110 AC operating outlet. Changing your office patio area into a tropical oasis has never been easier by ordering this water feature.
    Ease your mind with our customer service commitment. All of Water Feature Supply's patio waterfalls, like this one, are covered with a one year warranty plan. If you do not know, an added bonus to purchasing through a website is the lower cost, with manufacturer pricing and there are many ways to save. Water Feature Supply guarantees to always give these savings to the customer; we love helping our clients.

    Price: $1,400.00
    Weight: 1394 lbs.
    Size: 58"W x 62"H x 51"DIA
    Face Material: Cast Stone
    Includes: One Year Warranty
    Options: Available in 31 finishes
    Mounting: Freestanding
    Use: Indoor/Outdoor
    Quantity in Basket: None