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Carafe Water Feature

    Carafe Water Feature

    Carafe Water Feature
    This specific exterior water wall is the perfect addition in any space. Built to last, patio fountain was created to work well through many seasons. Installing this piece is easy; you will have it up and running in no time. Additionally, this outdoor waterfall uses a standard 110 AC volt outlet. Transforming your garden into magical environment has never been easier by choosing this fountain.
    Ease your mind with our customer satisfaction guarantee. Every one of the exterior fountains, like this one, arrive with a one year warranty. If you do not know, an added bonus to purchasing through a website is a lower price, with manufacturer pricing as well as you receive free shipping. Water Feature Supply guarantees to always give these deals to the client; as it should be. To grant you the bottom price WFS is happy to offer a deal beating price on any other sites price.

    Price: $1,541.00
    Weight: 343 lbs.
    Size: 29"W x 65"H x 30"D
    Face Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    Includes: One Year Warranty
    Options: Available in 9 finishes
    Mounting: Freestanding
    Use: Indoor/Outdoor
    Quantity in Basket: None