Outdoor Wall Water Features - Burning Desire Wall Water Feature
Burning Desire Wall Water Feature

    Burning Desire Wall Water Feature

    The Hand Painted Burning Desire Wall Mounted Water Fountain
    Every one of these wall water walls a great gift for any loved one! Even when not running large waterfalls are perfect for any indoor space. These water features are handmade No Imitations. And they are painted on the rear side of the water feature face (stays dry) so they are guaranteed to last so you can enjoy it for years. Its too good to be true!
    This specific unique and beautiful water fountain is called the Burning Desire painting and one will observe the Burning Desire fountain is ideal for any room. Installation is a breeze, purchase yours today, and you will soon have the style and class you have always dreamed of. Set yourself at ease with our customer service commitment. All of Water Feature Supply's wall waterfalls, like this one, are secured with a one year warranty. If you do not know, a huge benefit to buying on the internet is a better price, without tax and there are no freight costs. Water Feature Supply promises it will always pass these savings to our clients; the way it should be. To grant you the rock bottom price we are happy to honor a price match guarantee on any competitor's price. Installing the Burning Desire contemporary fountain in your home or dentist office will give the room a tranquil setting, as well as an authentic and perfectly fresh vibe. You will relish the peaceful sound of water in a natural waterfall; and also receive benefits from its operation. Know that this mounted water wall is filtering debris while filtering and purifying the air in the room, constantly cleaning the air you and your co-workers breathe all day long.

    * This beautiful Wall Art Fountain is designed and hand constructed by very skilled and experienced artisans. There are no two fountains that are 100% exactly alike. You are literally getting your own Original Wall Art Fountain. So, the fountain you receive may not look exactly like what you see here, but it will be very similar, and it will be quite beautiful, particularly once it is up and running with its soothing water sounds.

    Price: $1,125.00
    Weight: 90 lbs.
    Size: 28"W x 48"H x 6"D
    Face Material: Hand Painted Lexan Acrylic
    Frame Finish Color: Copper
    Includes: One Year Warranty
    Options: Custom Sizing & Upgraded Lighting
    Mounting: Wall Mounted Water Feature
    Use: Indoor
    Quantity in Basket: None