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Brook Tabletop Water Feature

    Brook Tabletop Water Feature

    Brook Tabletop Water Feature
    For an incredibly low price, this tabletop fountain transforms your study space into a knowledge flowing oasis. Did you know a desktop water feature fountain can be used indoors or out and makes a great addition to any dining experience? All of our counter-top water features available through our storefront utilize the most recent, state of the art, pumps and cascade technologies. It is important to note every tabletop fountain requires a small bit of regular maintenance and should be properly cared for.
    Set yourself at ease with our client service guarantee. Every one of the table and desk waterfalls, including this one, are covered with a one year warranty. You probably acknowledge, an extra benefit to buying a product on the internet is the lower price, with discount pricing and also there are no freight costs. Water Feature Supply promises it will always pass the savings to our clients; we believe in this deeply!

    Price: $196.20
    Size: 12"W x 25"H
    Face Material: Slate
    Mounting: Tabletop Water Feature
    Use: Indoor/Outdoor
    Quantity in Basket: None