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Block Water Feature

    Block Water Feature

    Block Water Feature
    This backyard fountain is the perfect addition for an office patio. Built to last, patio fountain is guaranteed to operate in the toughest outdoor conditions. Installing this piece is easy; we designed it so that you can basically unpack , plug in, and begin to operate. Furthermore, this patio fountain employs a standard 110 AC outlet. Changing your office patio area into magical environment has never been easier by choosing this fountain.
    Feel good about your purchase with our love your fountain guarantee. Each of these backyard water fountains, this piece included, are backed with a one year warranty. In case you were unaware, an added bonus to purchasing through a website is a better price, with manufacturer pricing and there are many ways to save. Water Feature Supply guarantees to always give these deals to the consumer; as it should be.

    Price: $1,100.00
    Weight: 264 lbs.
    Size: 32"W x 26"H x 32"D
    Face Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
    Frame Finish Color: Shown in Sierra
    Includes: One Year Warranty
    Options: Available in 9 finishes
    Mounting: Freestanding
    Use: Indoor/Outdoor
    Quantity in Basket: None