Hand Painted Wall Water Features - Dusk Time Wall Waterfall
Dusk Time Wall Waterfall

    Dusk Time Wall Waterfall

    The One of a Kind Dusk Time Mounted Water Wall
    Each of our hand painted wall-hanging water fountains a great gift for any loved one! Without water these modern waterfalls are still exquisite pieces. These fountain waterfalls are hand built No Imitations. The art is hand painted on the rear side of the fountain face (does not contact water) so it will never fade. Make your room spring to life!
    This specific truly artistic water wall is called the Dusk Time design and as you can tell the Dusk Time fountain is a must have and a great buy for the price. Getting your water feature installed is incredibly simple, buy one now, and you will immediately get the joy and beauty you have always dreamed of. Feel secure about shopping with our client service guarantee. Every one of the wall water fountains, like this one, are covered with a one year insurance plan. You probably acknowledge, a huge benefit to buying on the internet is more selection, with special bargains and also there are many ways to save. Water Feature Supply is dedicated to providing these deals to the customer; the way it should be. Putting the Dusk Time interior waterfall fountain in your bedroom or dentist office will give the area a naturally luxurious feel, and a simple "at one with nature" atmosphere. You will never forget the meditation of water in constant circulation; and also receive benefits from its operation. Know that this wall water fountain is collecting unwanted pollutants while filtering and purifying the room, continuously purifying the air you and your clients breathe all day long.

    * This beautiful Wall Art Fountain is designed and hand constructed by very skilled and experienced artisans. There are no two fountains that are 100% exactly alike. You are literally getting your own Original Wall Art Fountain. So, the fountain you receive may not look exactly like what you see here, but it will be very similar, and it will be quite beautiful, particularly once it is up and running with its soothing water sounds.

    Price: $1,125.00
    Weight: 32 lbs.
    Size: 28"W x 48"H x 6"D
    Face Material: Hand Painted Lexan Acrylic
    Frame Finish Color: Copper
    Includes: One Year Warranty
    Options: Custom Sizing & Upgraded Lighting
    Mounting: Wall Mounted Water Feature
    Use: Indoor
    Quantity in Basket: None