Floor Water Features - Tranquil River Glass Floor Water Feature
Tranquil River Glass Floor Water Feature

    Tranquil River Glass Floor Water Feature

    The Tranquil River Glass Standing Floor Fountain
    The Tranquil River Glass Freestanding Floor Fountain is a wonderful waterfall and is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the beautiful sound of water as it falls gently down the face of this decorative waterfall. The Tranquil River Water Feature will improve the environment in your home or office. All of our floor fountains are handcrafted and designed to capture the natural essence and beauty of a waterfall. Built in the USA, this masterpiece is one of our top selling free standing water features. These water walls help to remove pollutants from your home or office and will greatly improve the air quality wherever it is installed.

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    Price: $2,399.00
    Weight: 0
    Size: 41"W x 90"H x 14"D
    Face Material: Transparent Glass - Clear, Blue or Green
    Frame Finish Color: Stainless Steel, Blackened Copper, Antique Bronze, Rustic Copper
    Includes: On/Off: Remote Control, Optional LED Bulbs (Incl. Remote) Optional High-Voltage down lights & Installation Manual/DVD
    Options: Custom Logo-Additional $495 for 1 color ($100 for each additional color)
    Mounting: Freestanding Water Feature
    Use: Indoor/Outdoor
    Quantity in Basket: None

    Glass Color:
    Clear Glass
    Blue Glass
    Green Glass
    Frame Finish:
    Stainless Steel
    Blackened Copper
    Antique Bronze
    Rustic Copper (+$150)
    Lighted Hood:
    Hooded Light Upgrade (+$200)
    Custom Logo:
    Logo With One Color (+$495)
    Logo With Two Colors (+$595)