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Our goal was simple; to redefine industry standards, to innovate through unrivaled engineering, and to provide our clients with the detailed oriented service they deserve. We are driven by the desire to make indoor custom fountains available to anyone, on any budget. We decided we wanted to build the finest, luxury pieces at the most competitive prices available. It is our dedication to these basic principles that sets us apart from the competition but it is your expectations we aim to exceed. Our team of expert designers, builders, and consultants has the knowledge and experience your custom water feature project requires; send us your design idea and one of our digital architects will create an AUTO-CAD drawing of your fountain for free!

We offer 24/7 customer service to all of our custom water feature clients and will maintain open communication with you during every phase of the build out. From the initial design to the very final installation our team will provide you with the uncompromising, dedicated care you should enjoy. Quality is our commitment and there is literally nothing we will not do to make our clients feel comfortable. Please feel free to call us anytime at 1 (858) 876-7261 or please email us at sales@waterfeaturesupply.com.


Learn how our process works and what you should expect when building a custom water feature.

Step 1. Conceptualization.

"The team at Water Feature Supply created the perfect design for our new office space. The custom water feature the designed was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. If you are looking for the best builders in the industry, look no further, the team at Water Feature Supply will handle all the details for you and will make your current project a breeze." - Jennifer Bennet

This is the most basic phase of the building process. Initially our designers will need to get a more definitive understanding of exactly what it is you are looking for. Our team will communicate with you to gather the necessary information required to provide you with a basic quote and drawing. Some things to consider include, the location of the installation, the style of the surrounding décor, and the overall size and materials you would like to build with. One of our designers will work with you to help create the water wall of your dreams. From concept to completion, Water Feature Supply will handle every aspect of your project, leave the details to us. To request a custom fountain quote now, please click here.

Step 2. Material Selection and Design Modifications

"Water Feature Supply, by far, had the widest range of material combinations we could find. We spoke with several different builders, but none of them could give us the fountain we wanted. After speaking with Water Feature Supply we received the design we were looking for, and within 6 weeks had our fountain. Our freestanding water wall matches the existing environment perfectly and has been a huge hit in my home." - Jackson Wyer

Now that our team has more information, one of our digital architects will create the first, most basic mock-up of your custom waterfall project. Using a computer assisted drawing program, a team member will provide you with a three dimensional model of the water feature you are interested in building. This drawing will include the dimensions and sizing requests you have made. You will notice several various components, each of which you will need to select materials for. When choosing your indoor or outdoor custom water feature materials it is important to try and match the existing decor of your space as closely as possible. A brief description of each is located below.

FOUNTAIN FACE - The fountain face is the largest and most visible area on the custom water feature. It is the most prominent material and will provide the backdrop for the waterfall. You can select from a limitless list of materials including : Stone (Slate, Marble, Pebble, Rock), Glass (Bronze or Silver Mirrored Glass, Clear Glass, Rain Glass, Custom Glass), Metal (Stainless Steel, Bronze, Copper), and Synthetic Materials (Acrylic Hand Painted, Tile, and Lightweight Slate). We also build with Rainglass, Polycarbonate, Etched Glass, and Acrylic sheets up to 35’ tall. Additionally if you have preselected materials we can build the fountain face with almost anything they have.

FOUNTAIN RESERVOIRS (Top Trey and Bottom Trey) - The water feature reservoirs are located at the top and bottom of the fountain and are more specifically referred to as the top trey and the bottom reservoir. The top trey houses the water distribution unit, which is just a technical way of describing the plumbing system for your water wall. The bottom reservoir holds the water and also houses the submersible pump. A quick side note, all the submersible pumps we use operate off of a standard 110 volt AC outlet, meaning you can plug it into your wall socket and that there is no need for any additional wiring. Each of these components is normally made with marine grade stainless steel, but can also be powdercoated to several different finish options. There are a limitless number of powder coat options available to you, but to name a few : brushed stainless steel, copper patina(shiny, popping), copper vein (dull, rustic), and black onyx.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS - There are several additional options and upgrades that can be added to any custom fountain. First of all, you may decide that you would to have lights built into your custom water wall. Depending upon the overall size and location of the fountain, we generally recommend a combination of down lighting and up-lighting. This provides more than enough lighting, with LED or halogen lights installed in both the bottom and top treys. We also recommend adding a remote control so that you can operate the lights and pumps from a distance. If you are a business owner, you may also be interested in adding a custom logo or image to the face of the fountain. We can do add any image, any logo, pretty much anything you can imagine. There are two basic ways to add a logo to your feature:

The first option is laser etch or sand blast the logo into the face. This is the most highly recommend method and creates the most dramatic affect. Once the surface has been etched we can then add a color (or colors) of their choice to the etching. The sizing, location, and coloring is all signed off and approved by the client prior to any action.

The second option is to add a vinyl, adhesive style logo to the fountain face. This is generally recommended for extremely detailed or intricate designs, however it can over time become damaged due to contact with the waterfall.

Step 3. Formal Quote and Final Drawings

"The final drawings that Water Feature Supply sent over were so detailed, they really helped my general contractor understand the installation process. We decided to build our fountain with a computerized auto-fill so it was important that we new exactly were the appropriate lines would be for the set-up."

After you and your custom water feature designer have worked through the most intimate details of your project, he or she will send over a formal quote with a finalized drawing for your approval. At this time they will also provide you with a custom water feature quote, that includes the pricing for the selected materials, shipping, and possible installation costs. After reviewing these materials you can make a fully informed decision as to whether or not to work with our company. We highly recommend you do and so do these leading interior designers. **We require a 65% deposit down prior to building any custom water fountain.

Step 4. Sit Back, Relax, and Let Us Get Our Hands Dirty

"After approving the design, Water Feature Supply went to work on building our fountain. They kept us updated with photos and videos and were always super responsive to any questions we had. It was a simple, smooth process."

So you have reviewed the final drawings, selected the material options, and agreed to the total price so, what do you do know? For us, this is by far our favorite part of the entire process. We love the opportunity to work with you to create an unimaginably perfect water feature for your indoor space. There is literally nothing we enjoy more than bending steel, cutting glass, and shaping form out of the raw, imaginative vision you provide us with. As our engineers make progress, your custom waterfall specialist will update you with photos, videos, and more so that you are completely involved with the manufacturing process. It is our primary concern to maintain open and consistent communication with each of our clients during the construction process. Once your water feature is completed, tested, and approved it will ship directly to the location you have provided us with.

Build with the most trusted name in the industry...Water Feature Supply

Welcome to our online portfolio containing the custom water features and fountains we have built for our clients in the past. Our team is comprised of digital designers, custom engineers, and project managers, all of whom will make it their top priority to provide you with the detail oriented service and care you deserve. Regardless of the size and scope of your particular project, we promise to dedicate one hundred percent of our resources to building you fountain under budget and ahead of schedule. Please enjoy yourself as you browse through this massive collection of custom indoor and outdoor water features.

As you look through our collection you will notice the wide variety of materials and styles to choose from. In fact, sometimes it is not difficult to get lost in the process. If you have a project that requires you build to very specific dimensions or are in need of an intricate install, please contact one of our team members so they can provide some guidance. Please remember we are here to help and love working with new clients to design imaginative new pieces.

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