Indoor And Outdoor Water Feature Benefits

Over time human beings have always been drawn to the sounds and images created by water. In modern society , it appears that we have lost sense with our connection to the earth. Our lives are incredibly busy, stressful, and it seems we never have much time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. We are constantly on the run trying to keep with the everyday challenges life has to offer and rarely have a chance to sit down and just be in peace.

At Water Feature Supply we believe in balance, in creating harmony, and in allowing yourself to live a life of luxury and enjoyment. Our indoor water features create peaceful, ambient white noise that will leave you drifting into a deep relaxed state of mind. With our huge collection of indoor floor, wall and tabletop fountain there is way to capture the natural essence of a waterfall in your home or office. With our huge collection of indoor wall waterfalls, outdoor garden fountains, and free standing floor water features, we guarantee you will find the perfect water feature for you design space.

More and more, clients and designers alike are choosing wall water features for a multiplicity of reasons besides the fact that they are incredibly beautiful to look at and watch. Wall mounted water features are simple to install, can be finished with a variety of options and materials, and are totally self-contained. Hanging a wall fountain is very similar to mounting a flat screen television and all of the wall water walls we have listed on our site have been design with easy mount systems. Many of the wall water features on our site are shipped with standard hooded down lights to make operation during the evening possible. Both the fountain's light system and pump are designed to be operated off of a standard 110 AC volt outlet which can be placed directly behind the fountain panel.

Indoor Fountains, Negative Ions, and Humidity Control

Water fountain features are known for their ability to cool down the surrounding area and to release negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere. Its true, the cascading waterfall will mix with the air to cool whatever environment it is installed in. A wall water feature will create the soft sound of a gentle brook, and at the same time, release negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere. It is this combination of function and form that make indoor fountains so transformational. By simply installing and running any of our freestanding, wall mounted, or tabletop water feature you will immediately receive the benefits we have described here. In addition to creating ambient noise and releasing negative ions, your indoor fountain will also actively purify the air in the room it is installed in.

Water wall fountains are a natural, wonderful way to increase the humidity in a room. You will no longer have to deal with noisy humidifiers which are often a huge source of air borne pathogens if you install an indoor wall water feature which can create it naturally and be pleasant. All of our fountains are designed to operate continuously which means you do not have to worry about purchasing any additional air quality products. The fountain will trap any dust, particles or pollution in the environment and then filter them through the pump to release clean, fresh air.

Interior Water Features Reduce Stress, Create White Noise, And Look Beautiful

We have already touched on this topic earlier, but it is important to note that our fountains have been used as white noise generators and sound solutions. Whether you are looking for a way to drown out unwanted noise or you are looking generate soft white noise, all of our indoor fountains will create the type of sound you are looking for. In fact some of the fountains we have in stock come with a three speed adjustable pump that can be set to three different audible levels.Wall Mounted Water Fountains are also used for noise reduction. The pleasant sound of water will no doubt mask unnatural disharmonious noises in any indoor or outdoor environment. Whether a wall feature in an office or landscape water features outdoors, water fountain features are used to reduce unpleasant sounds and draw using to our constant rhythm of tranquility and balance.

Many people searching for the perfect indoor fountains find our store to have just what they need. We know it sounds a little bit out there, but our indoor fountains really do have the power to change your life. There is a reason that in the study of feng-shui the most basic principle is to balance your space with water and mountain. By adding these principle elements to your interior setting, you will also invite the healing power of nature into your home, office, or business.Your indoor water feature will greatly increase your mood and serve as source of mediation and deep tranquility. In addition to all the above stated benefits, your indoor water feature can also greatly aide with the treatment of anxiety, stress, and insomnia. The sound of gently flowing water will relax you into a state of bliss, we guarantee it.

An indoor wall water feature or an outdoor water fountain feature can enhance any home or office setting. Waterfall features are truly the most modern way to enhance your living space; they create many positive side effects, and are incredibly elegant. Visit our water fall wall fountains section for a numerous selection that can be custom engraved or etched with your corporate logo. We use state of the art, laser etching machines to create our client's logos. Once the surface of the waterfall panel has been precisely cut, our team of designers will add as many colors as you would like to create the final look.If you would like to view some of the previous fountains we have created with logos, please click here.

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