Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?
A. Our clients our top priority, we put your needs first and will do anything we can to give you the expert indoor or outdoor fountain advice you deserve. When starting Water Feature Supply we promised to give our waterfall customers the expert advice they need, the specialized attention they deserve, and the most competitive priced water features available. As we continue to grow we continue to guarantee that each and every one of our clients will be given the dedicated service and care they are entitled to and train every member of our staff to uphold this core value. Feel free to call at any time of the day, we are always available to answer any questions and provide support for our wall, floor and tabletop water wall customers. Our company thrives on competition which is why we are proud to offer our match and beat price guarantee, if you find another store offering any of our products at a lower price we will beat it. Additionally we offer free shipping to all our US customers on every wall mounted water feature, freestanding waterfall, and desktop fountain you will find on our site. This is what separates us from the competition; our willingness to provide the exceptional customer service required to get our clients exactly what they are looking for. We understand that you are purchasing a luxury priced item that has only been viewable to you through our virtual showroom, and that visualizing how the fountain will look in your space is extremely difficult. Due to this fact, we offer every one of our clients the option to have their space digitally mocked up with the wall, floor or tabletop fountain they are interested in purchasing at no additional charge. If you would like to see what a certain indoor or outdoor water feature will look like in your particular space, please send us a high quality image of the area, along with the name of the fountain you would like to see to sales@waterfeaturesupply.com and we will have our team of graphic designers create a mock up for you. We will do everything humanly possible to help you make the best choice so that you can enjoy your wall fountain to the fullest potential.

Q. What do you like most about your job?
A. Our collection of waterfall fountain features are made using the finest materials in the world, by the most respected builders in the industry. Whether you are interested in a copper wall mounted water fountain with a hand painted face or a stainless steel and glass floor fountain, we guarantee your decorative fountain will be built using only the finest materials available. Choose from a wide variety of slates, marbles, and glass options to finalize your fountain. Each of the contemporary fountains you will find on our site are designed to operate off a standard 110 AC volt outlet meaning you do not need to hire an electrician to help you install it. In fact the majority of the hanging, freestanding and desktop water features listed on our site can be easily installed in less than two hours. Every one of our modern fountains arrive with a detailed installation guide created to make the set up process as simple as possible. Please click here to view an the instructions for one of our basic water walls. In addition to the super simple fountain set-up process, all of our wall waterfalls, floor fountains and tabletop water features have been designed with maintenance in mind and we have written several guides to help you keep your water wall looking and working perfectly. You can view our entire list of water feature maintenance and care guides by clicking here. Whether you are trying to find a wall mounted or free standing piece, Water Feature Supply is always the best place to shop and to buy. Our collection of modern water walls can be customized with a logo or any other artwork you are interested in, please click here to view some examples of our laser etched and colored water feature logos.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

Q. Why should I invest in a modern water feature?
A. Over time human beings have always been drawn to the sounds and images created by water. In modern society, it seems that we have lost sense with our connection to the earth. Our lives are incredibly busy, stressful, and it seems we never have much time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. Well, now there is way to capture the natural essence of a water fall in your home or office. With our huge collection of indoor wall water falls, outdoor garden fountains, and free standing floor water features, we guarantee you will find the perfect water feature for you design space.

Q. Why do interior designers recommend using a wall fountain in their client's homes?
A. More and more, clients and designers alike are choosing wall water features for a multiplicity of reasons besides the fact that they are incredibly beautiful to look at. Water fountain features are known for their ability to cool down the surrounding area and to release negative ions . The cascading water fall will mix with the air to cool whatever environment it is installed in. A wall water feature will create the soft sound of a gentle brook, and at the same time, release negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere.

Q. Why benefits can I expect after installing a water feature in my home?
A. Water wall fountains are a natural, wonderful way to increase the humidity in a room. You will no longer have to deal with noisy humidifiers which are often a huge source of air borne pathogens if you install an indoor wall water feature which can create it naturally and be pleasant.

Q. What type of noise will an indoor water feature create?
A. Indoor fountain are also used for noise reduction. The pleasant sound of water will no doubt mask unnatural and unwanted noises in any indoor or outdoor environment. Whether a wall feature in an office or landscape water features outdoors, water fountain features are used to reduce unpleasant sounds and draw using to our constant rhythm of tranquility and balance.

Q. What guarantees do you offer your clients?
A. Many people searching for the perfect indoor fountains find our store to have just what they need. Your indoor water feature will greatly increase your mood and serve as source of mediation and deep tranquility. The sound of gently flowing water will relax you into a state of bliss, we guarantee it.

We Understand Choosing The Right Water Feature For Your Decorative Space Can Be Difficult

Although the water fountains for sale at Water Feature Supply are accurately depicted in the pictures available for viewing in our virtual water fall showroom, we understand that it is difficult to full appreciate the way a particular water wall will look in your unique space. Given this fact, our team of decorative fountain specialists are standing by, ready and willing to help you solve this problem. If you have a specific fountain project for a specific interior or exterior space please call (858) 876-7261 to speak directly with a fountain specialist. Or you can email us at design@waterfeaturesupply.com and one of our water wall technicians will contact you with 2 hours.

What You Will Need To Submit To Our Water Feature Experts

    Email : design@waterfeaturesupply.com
  1. 1. Your name, shipping address, email and phone contacts
  2. 2. A high quality .jpeg image of the particular wall, room, or outdoor area where you will be installing the water feature
  3. 3. The name, dimensions, and materials of the indoor water wall or outdoor water fall you are interested in purchasing.

Please remember that any of our standard line water features can be fully customized to your speicfic needs, including laser etched logo options.

What You Will Receive From Our Interior/Exterior Fountain Specialists Upon Submitting Your Request.

  1. 1. A fully animated three dimensional view of the water feature you have requested a digital rendering for.
  2. 2. A digitally mastered computer generated photograph of the water feature you are looking for as it would looked installed in your specific design space.
  3. 3. An official estimate including pricing information, lead time, and fountain material information.