Water Feature Supply was founded in 2010 and has been growing ever since. We currently have more than 1,500 indoor and outdoor water features listed for sale on our site and continue to expand our inventory every day. We are proud to offer our clients free shipping and the guaranteed lowest pricing available on all of our wall mounted, standing and tabletop waterfalls. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service, security and care and will stop at nothing to make sure your experience is more than satisfying. In addition to the large volume of standard line fountains we offer, we also have the ability to create fully custom water features for any project. No idea is to wild, no design is too large; our builders have over two decade of experience and will stop at nothing to bring your concept to life.

Since 2011, Water Feature Supply, has offered the largest collection of contemporary indoor and outdoor water features available in the world. We founded our company and our brand on the idea that these luxurious fountains should be delivered at the lowest price possible. Through developing and cultivating relationships with the leading manufacturers, designers, and builders we have grown to become the largest retailer online, with access to the most diverse collection of materials possible. Our team has worked with hundreds of contractors, interior designers, and personal clients to create some of the most breathtaking interior spaces imaginable, but don't just take our word for it. Our team is dedicated to provided each and every one of our clients with the highest level of customer care and expert service in the industry.

Regardless of the size or scope of your current project, Water Feature Supply will treat each and every client with the highest level of professional care and service. We understand that the idea of buying any luxury online is a difficult task to undertake, which is why we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are fully satisfied, fully informed, and fully taken care of. There are so many fountains and water walls on our site it is easy to get lost trying to find the perfect one for your space. Our team of expert designers have the knowledge and experience to help you determine the perfect water feature for your indoor or outdoor environment. Whether you are looking for a waterfall that hangs on a wall or a freestanding floor model, we have exactly what you are looking for. All of the water features you will find on our site have been tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality and design. Maintaining your fountain is not nearly as difficult as you may think, click here to view our resource page.

Quality Is Our Commitment

Our clients are our top priority, we put your needs first and will do anything we can to give you the expert indoor or outdoor fountain advice you deserve. When starting Water Feature Supply we promised to give our waterfall customers the expert advice they need, the specialized attention they deserve, and the most competitive priced water features available. As we continue to grow we continue to guarantee that each and every one of our clients will be given the dedicated service and care they are entitled to and train every member of our staff to uphold this core value. Feel free to call at any time of the day, we are always available to answer any questions and provide support for our wall, floor and tabletop water wall customers.

Our company thrives on competition which is why we are proud to offer our match and beat price guarantee, if you find another store offering any of our products at a lower price we will beat it. Additionally we offer free shipping to all our US customers on every wall mounted water feature, freestanding waterfall, and desktop fountain you will find on our site. This is what separates us from the competition; our willingness to provide the exceptional customer service required to get our clients exactly what they are looking for. We understand that you are purchasing a luxury priced item that has only been viewable to you through our virtual showroom, and that visualizing how the fountain will look in your space is extremely difficult. Due to this fact, we offer every one of our clients the option to have their space digitally mocked up with the wall, floor or tabletop fountain they are interested in purchasing at no additional charge. If you would like to see what a certain indoor or outdoor water feature will look like in your particular space, please send us a high quality image of the area, along with the name of the fountain you would like to see to sales@waterfeaturesupply.com and we will have our team of graphic designers create a mock up for you. We will do everything humanly possible to help you make the best choice so that you can enjoy your wall fountain to the fullest potential.

Water Feature Supply is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality customer service possible. Through expertise and the most competitive pricing available in the industry, we guarantee our customers receive the lowest price possible. Our goal is to make the process of selecting, receiving, and installing a fine, modern water fountain as easy as possible. Our fountain experts are highly trained and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Each of the water features you see listed on our site is made with the highest quality materials by the most trusted engineers in the world, we guarantee it. So please email us today at info@waterfeaturesupply.com so that you can begin the wonderful experience and enjoyment that comes with owning a water feature.

We offer our clients several free services that will assist them in selecting the perfect indoor water feature for their home, office or business. We know that visualizing just how your fountain will look installed in a particular location can be difficult, which is why we offer all of our clients free digital mock ups. That's right simply send us a few photos of the space you would like to install your fountain, along with the names of a few fountains you are interested in and our design team will create a few images for you to review. In addition to this great service we also offer all of our clients the option to have their logo or company name digitally mocked up on the water features of their choice.

Our Team of Fountain Specialists is Here to Help

Our team of highly trained water fountain specialists will gladly assist you with your order. Whether you are looking to install a custom water wall or one of our in-stock water fountains, our team has the answers you need. Buying an indoor water fall can seem like a daunting task at first, so please let our fountain specialists help you decide upon the perfect water feature for your home or office. It is our number one priority to make sure that you are satisfied with the water wall you order and we will do anything possible to make sure you receive the perfect water feature.

Our team consists of engineers, designers, and customer service specialists who all work together to make your experience as positive as possible. Each and every member of our team has taken an oath to place our clients needs and concerns with the utmost level of professional care and response. Whether you are working with one of our graphic designers, fountain engineers, or customer service representatives you will be treated with the highest level of respect and care afforded in the industry. We love working with our clients and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are fully satisfied. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can assist you.

We Guarantee Our Materials And Craftsmanship

Every fountain you see listed on our site, whether it be an interior wall water wall,a free standing floor fountain, or a custom water feature, is built using only the highest quality materials in the world. Whether your fountain is designed with slate, marble, glass, or stone we guarantee the materials and the workmanship on your fountain. If you have any issues with your fountain after it arrives, please call us immediately and we will do whatever it takes to fix the problem, including having the damaged fountain returned and replaced with a flawless one.